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skylight installed on roofThere is a new trend in the Oakville Ontario community. More people every week are installing skylights and sun tunnels to increase the sunlight that enters the home while at the same time increasing the resale value of the home. Let our Velux Certified contractors professionally install a skylight or sun tunnel at an affordable price. Whether you have a flat ceiling or not, we will install a Velux skylight that will bring light and fresh air into your home. Let us help you decide on the skylight that is specifically perfect for you. You can have it curb mounted or deck mounted depending on your layout. Here are 4 types that may suit your home, Fixed Skylights, Manual Fresh Air Skylights, Electric Fresh Air Skylights, and Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights.

An Experienced & Velux Certified Skylight Contractor

Fixed Skylights are great for visually expanding hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in or dark spaces. This will transform your space into one of natural light and brightness. Manuel Fresh Air Skylights has the option of manually opening the skylight allowing for fresh air to enter your home. Great for areas where the moisture balance can be stale allowing humid air to be released. Electric Fresh Air Skylights allows you to open your skylight with a touch of a button. Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights negates the need for electrical wiring when opening the skylight for fresh air. The solar panel captures daylight into a fully concealed battery powered operator and control system.

Benefits of Sun Tunnels and Skylights

Natural light is a beautiful thing. There is something comfortable about the real sun that you just can’t replace. They say that lack of sunlight is actually linked to depression is some cases. Bring joy into your home and a nice dose of vitamin D. Reduce your cost on the electric bill. With sunlight coming into your home, there is no longer a need to use so much electricity. You are hitting 2 birds with one stone. Not that we have anything against birds :), but not only do you save on your bill, but you protect our environment by decreasing earth emissions by reducing your energy consumption. Skylights have the option of opening and closing to increase ventilation. Turn your Oakville home into a vacation spot with beautiful sun-light and a nice breeze. A hidden benefit of skylights of those that are located in the bathroom. Many prefer this over a window to prevent any rare occurrence of your privacy being breached. Call us at 905-330-8585 for a professional free consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect spot for skylights and sun tunnels.

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