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Attic Ventilation is critical to maintaining the lifespan of your roof. This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to roofing problems. A lot of the time it is mistaken for a roof leak that needs to be repaired. It is common to see such a large buildup of condensation that imitates a roof leak. In addition, the attic becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other forms of bacteria that erode at the materials.

Prevent Mold, Bacteria, & Dry Rotting

A common problem is the dry rotting of plywood, reducing the lifespan of the roof by over 50%. The adhesives in the plywood begin to deteriorate and dry rot. Humid climates also cause metal to begin to rust, including plumbing pipes, and HVAC ducting material to degenerate and crash. In addition, the trapped heat and moisture will go as far as to damage any valuables you have in the attic.Ventilation is an absolute necessity as it minimizes the temperature differential between the outdoors and inside the attic. You want the temperature to be as similar as possible which is why proper attic insulation is also required. This is another service that we offer and is highly recommended to save up to 50% on your heat and air conditioning bill. In cold weather, ventilation is also important otherwise frost is created causing dry rot. It is also the common cause of ice dams as the water warms up and refreezing making your roof more susceptible to cracks and leaks.

Top Quality Roof Vents at Affordable Prices

We use top quality Ventilators that have a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. They can be installed on almost any membrane and are built to capture winds ridding of the stale air in the attic and renewing it with fresh air from outside. They work with air that is drawn from the soffit air intake located underneath the eavestroughs. These Ventilators are built to prevent infiltrations from heavy precipitation and weather elements with storm-proof deflectors. Even more important, they have built in wired mesh with 26 gauge galvanized steel to prevent animals and rodents from creating a common disaster in the attic. Prevent your roof and attic from deteriorating and causing costly future problems by getting your attic ventilated by a professional. Call Aboutowne Roofing at 905-330-8585



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