Have you ever been to a track or a playground that was springy? It may have had a characteristically black material but it looked almost like asphalt? Then you have already experienced the idea of rubberized materials.

At one time there was a severe and understandable concern about tire waste. It was unmanageable and a growing problem. Burning them gave off noxious gasses. The alternative was to throw them in a landfill. Instead, engineers found ways to recycle the material for many other uses. One of the resulting products is Euroshield Rubber Roofing. It is environmentally smart and easily protects the home against all that nature can throw its way.

Cedar and wood are charming. People love to adorn the top of a plaster cottage with quaint cedar shake roofing. Or, the siding of a home with wood. The problem is that wood loves to absorb water, and rots very easily when set outside. It impacts the ability of the home’s building envelope in a drastic and negative way. Wood requires sanding and painting every couple of years. It is labor intensive, expensive, not environmentally friendly, and is not the best material for a home.
Euroshield rubber shingles are capable of replicating the look of slate, and wood. The rubber shingles are relatively the same heft as a traditional asphalt shingle. Slate can crack and does not hold up well to excess weight. Shingles have their drawbacks as well.

Rubber is superior. It is a long-lasting material that holds up well to nature. It is a material that is fit for new buildings and re-roofing alike. The great part is that homeowners can realize a superior roofing material for less than it would cost to install metal or cedar. It will cost more than asphalt, but that is not all bad news. They have come down in price in the 16 years that they have been on the market. In addition, they have become a leaner and meaner product poised to take over. They come in brown, black, and gray, much like traditional asphalt shingles.
It turns out that the combination of more than 95 percent recycled tires is effective as roofing material. They source anywhere from 250 to 1,000 used rubber tires to make a roof. Consider tires for your next roof. It is durable and made from 95 percent recycled tires.

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