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blowing attic insulationAboutowne Roofing has been proving attic insulation services for over 40 years. Whether you live in Oakville or a near by city, your home needs proper insulation to combat these Ontario weathers. We receive a lot of calls about roof leaks and repair issues. Quite often, the root of the problem is the attic and it should not go unnoticed. Many people don’t understand the importance of an insulated attic. Without insulation, you lose a tremendous amount of heat in the winter, and vise versa in the summer. The attic is the biggest heat loser in the house.

Save Money by Maintaining Attic Temperature

The average homeowner avoids approximately $800 a year by having their attic properly insulated. There is no reason why you should be paying an extra 10-50% on your bill every year. Air moves through every crack and crevice and it is not difficult to close up those holes. Spray polyurethane foam is a new advanced insulation system that can block up any air passageway. SPF also adds an extra support of structural strength when combined with walls made of plywood, light gauge metal, vinyl siding, and several others. It can maximize your home investment not only by preventing air from leaving, but from air coming into the house.

Spray Foam is Recommended for Proper Insulation

Common types of spray foam insulation include open-cell spray, and closed-cell spray. Closed-cell uses very efficient material mainly for commercial purposes. The term closed-cell comes from one cubic inch of polyurethane foam containing millions of really small closed cells filled with a non-ozone depleting blowing agent called Enovate 3000. The open-cell form is more common for residential attics. It has a half-pound density, thermal insulation material and is also used for floor assemblies, ceilings, and in wall cavities. This material can expand over 100 times its initial volume and stop any intrusion of air coming through even the smallest seams and cracks.

Your home deserves a fully insulated and durable attic to support the perfect roof for your home. Hire an Oakville attic insulation contractor you can trust. Give us a call at 905-330-8585.



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